The circular economy is the combination of strategies that aims to extend the lifespan of products, and to reuse them in an ethical way after their first life. We are thus working on maintenance, repair, reuse (clothing rental, second-hand clothing) and clothing recycling.

To implement circular approaches at the level of our products, we rely on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation concept of the circular economy, a benchmark institution in the field. Her famous butterfly diagram is a source of inspiration for ba&sh. 

Portez, chouchoutez, recommencez.

Nos conseils pour entretenir durablement vos pièces ba&sh.

Comment rentrer une maille tirée dans un pull ?

Comment raccourcir un modèle ?

Comment recoudre un bouton ?

Rent your ba&sh closet: rent, wear, start again.

There is a desire for different consumption methods, through use rather than possession and even the sharing economy. We want to encourage these more sustainable consumption methods. 

Ba&sh joined forces with Les Cachotières in February 2020 to launch its clothing rental service, RENT YOUR BA&SH CLOSET, and to offer you a selection of garments from previous collections. How does it work?

To rent the garment of your dreams, click here:


To further our sustainable innovation strategy, we wanted to offer services to our community that would help them consume differently and more sustainably alongside us. Since 2020, we have enabled our community to simultaneously list their ba&sh products on several second-hand platforms, directly from their customer profile. By doing so, they trigger the creation of an Arianee digital identity certificate which supports the clothing resale process set up using the Reflaunt system. 

This normally tedious process is now possible with one click. The customer no longer has to sort their articles, find the optimal price, and most arduous, prove the authenticity of the products. The chances of resale are therefore increased.

RESELL is currently only available on the France and UK websites.

The end of the roll

(re)make capsule,

Each season, ba&sh commits to sustainable creation by offering exclusive models, designed and cut with love from our remaining fabrics: environmentally friendly fashion, both recycled and unique.

Remake, Re-use, Recycle. 

What young people are doing with the old: upycling competition

Keen to offer an impulse to the generations that will make the fashion industry of tomorrow, in 2020 ba&sh collaborated with SUPMODE, an international fashion school located in Bordeaux.

The challenge? To upcycle old fabrics to create a mid-season and multi-use look, in tune with the times.

The students were guided and advised by Barbara & Sharon throughout this upcycling experience. We will repeat the experience each year, either with this school or another.


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