Valentine’s Day is inching closer and closer. You know, that rose-flanked, candy-packed day of romance, appreciation, and warmth. Of course, there is the concept of receiving gifts from a beau or a loved one, but what about presenting yourself with something special? (You deserve it!) After all, it is the quintessential day of love, so give yourself some self-love and treat yourself to something glinting and glimmering. And if you’re thinking about what exactly that precious gift should be, think in terms of jewelry, or rather, something beautiful that will last you forever. Say it with us: Self. Purchase.

We’re not talking just any jewelry, but rather some bijoux with a certain je ne sais quoi that is effortlessly cool and still packs a statement punch. Our silver jewelry is made to last and our gold jewelry is built to shine. Plus, at ba&sh, we offer sustainable jewelry, meaning our pieces are created from recycled sterling silver so you can look good while also feeling good.

So what to try? There’s a piece for every personality. There is the thick Sting ring that comes with engraved geometric designs for a boho appeal and the Anoki ring boasts a more delicate vibe with two crystal studs at its triangular tip. And for that triple-chic threat? There’s the Romane ring which consists of three bands in silver and gold with itty-bitty gems and laser-cut engravings that are linked together by a clasp.

If you’re on the quest for some sparkle for your ears, start slow and try our Olie ear loop that is made from a hoop and an engraved charm. It’s a free-spirited single earring that can be worn alone or stacked on the ear. There is also the elegant Oneida pendant earring includes an attached amulet that can be worn as one or in a set. And for some far-flung, adventurous jangle, there are the Mini Punk earrings that come with a stunning fringe of etched charms.

And don’t forget to adorn your neck with endless options. For a delicate touch, try the Nitis choker that is crafted from recycled sterling silver with tiny diamond-shaped charms that are laser-engraved. You can wear it alone for a delicate feel or as multiple to kick your ensemble up a notch. Want to venture into the more daring side of jewelry? Opt for the Naomie necklace that is made from sterling silver loops with an engraved pointed pendant. It’s the most versatile of necklaces and can be worn relaxed in a long style or looped for a hard edge.

As for something to give your wrists that extra oomph, fasten on one of our bracelets. The recycled sterling silver Boko bracelet in silver or gilt versions is created from thick links with transfixing laser-engraved motifs. For a double dose of jewelry, try the standout Beline, which is a small bracelet that is fully composed of a chain with laser-engraved diamond-shaped charms that are connected to a ring. It fastens at the wrist and traces up the top of the hand for an exquisite appeal.

So this February 14th, don’t wait for someone else to add some gleaming pieces to your ears, neck, wrists, or fingers. Instead, give yourself a gift of Valentine’s Day jewelry that will look chic with any outfit now–and forever.

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