With Valentine’s Day Day only a few sleeps away, we’ve got only one question on our mind: what dress to wear? A long dress with bohemian vibes? A mini dress that screams “life of the party?” A little black dress? Or perhaps a little pink dress? Imagine a world where your dress decisions were, quite literally, written in the stars.

Alice Bell taught herself astrology four years ago by “obsessively” reading horoscopes to see what would happen in her own love life. Soon after, she learned how to pull up her own birth chart, and felt “seen.” “It validated certain personality traits and interests of mine that I had always had trouble accepting,” Alice tells us. “That was what got me initially hooked, and then I started sharing my astrology interests on social media and eventually launched my own website to give readings to people. Four years later, I have two astrology courses that I teach, an astrology podcast, and I write weekly horoscopes for British Vogue.”

In anticipation of the most loving day of the year, Valentine’s Day, we reached out to Alice to see what, astrologically, we should be wearing.

“This year,” Alice explains, “Valentine’s Day falls right before a full moon in Leo. Leo is a really romantic and emotionally expressive sign, while the full moon is the period of the month when you’re making the most connections with other people or reaching a turning point in your relationships. So this is probably the best astrology you could have for Valentine’s Day because you will feel closer to your partner or if you’re single you might have better success dating.”

When it comes to her own personal style, Alice describes herself as dressing in bright colors and prints – “I like to wear clothing that stands out,” she explains. “I am an Aquarius, with a Leo rising. The Aquarius side of me means that I have a very distinct personal style and I don’t usually follow current trends.”

Here, her top pics for Valentine’s Day Dressing, based on your astrological sign.


Aries loves to stay active, and they’re usually starting up several different projects at once or diving headfirst into new experiences. They like to wear clothing that is comfortable enough to move around in all day, while still making a statement. Outfits that have an activewear twist to it, such as this sweatshirt dress, is perfect for Aries.


Taurus appreciates the finer things in life, and they can be very particular about what they wear. When it comes to shopping for themselves, they prefer quality over quantity, so they may like to shop for clothing that comes in nice fabrics like silk or velvet. Connecting with nature is also important for Taurus, so they may also be drawn to the color green, as seen in this midi dress.


Gemini has a mind that is always racing, and they’re usually reading and researching about a variety of topics. Their strong curiosity carries over into their fashion decisions, and they may often be the first person to try out a new trend or play around with prints and silhouettes, such as this cut out dress.


Cancer’s first instinct is to nurture and take care of others, but they can be a bit introverted until you’ve gained their trust. They may spend a lot of time thinking about the past, and they could have an interest in vintage inspired clothing, like this blouse. Cancer is also at their most comfortable when they’re at home, so they love any outfits that they can lounge in on the weekends.


Getting dressed up is simply another outlet for Leo to express their creative self, and they inject their fun loving personality into their wardrobe choices. They aren’t afraid to try out bright colors or fun prints, and they usually prefer to dress in clothing that catches everyone’s attention, such as this bold maxi dress.


Virgo is very fond of their daily routines, and they like to stay organized and on top of their work. Because of their busy schedule, they like to shop for basic separates that they can mix and match with most items in their wardrobe. Virgo usually dresses in neutrals such as navy, black, or white, and they may have a closet full of staple pieces, like this blue blouse and denim skirt.


Libra values the relationships in their life, and they make an effort to prioritize spending time with their friends or romantic partner. Because they tend to have a busy social schedule, they like to have clothing that they can wear to anything from a first date to an after work event. They may own several flirty dresses in warm colors or floral prints, such as this maxi dress.


Scorpio likes their privacy, and they enjoy forming meaningful, deep connections with a select few people. They may come across as mysterious sometimes, which is often mirrored in their style choices. They may own a lot of form fitting, darker clothing or be drawn to fabrics like lace or leather, as seen in this satin top and leather skirt.


Sagittarius has an optimistic spirit, and they’re usually busy traveling somewhere new or taking a risk in some area of their life. Their personal style may reflect the many places they’ve been, and they like pieces that stand out. Sagittarius is often drawn to colorful or embellished clothing that they can wear on their nights out, like this shimmery, backless dress.


Capricorn is very ambitious, and they are always ready to accept new responsibilities or take on leadership roles. When it comes to their style, they like clothing that is appropriate to wear to work. They are also fans of traditional pieces that can stand the test of time, like a classic sailor sweater or a great fitting pair of jeans.


Aquarius likes to be different, and they’re always full of innovative, future oriented ideas. Their personal style stands out from the crowd, and they may like to take fashion risks or own pieces that nobody else has. The way they dress is very unique, so no two Aquarians dress alike. Pieces like a maxi suede skirt or a detailed blouse are sure to catch their eye.


Pisces is sensitive and compassionate, and they’re easily able to empathize with other people. They also have a dreamy, creative spirit which may find its way into their fashion choices. Pisces might like to dress in cool colors like blue or green, and they could enjoy wearing soft, flowing fabrics like this bohemian midi dress.