Self-care has undoubtedly had a boom over the past few years. (Search the term and over 2.5 billion results appear on Google.) The concept of “loving yourself” has touched every corner of our lives, from mental (meditation, therapy, self-love) to physical (attention to sleep, intuitive eating, mindfully working). Though another —and often looked-over—self-care facet to consider is your own wardrobe–specifically in the loungewear category (think: leggings, sweatpants, and super comfy sweatshirts). Psychological studies say that clothing can influence our emotional states, and therefore, has the potential to uplift our moods. So if you feel good physically–meaning you feel good in what you are wearing–it will help you feel good mentally. And the better you feel clothed by something not only comfortable but also chic, the better you’ll feel altogether.

We believe there are two ways to approach the concept of self-care within your wardrobe. There is both an at-home way to care for yourself sartorially, and also when out and about. But ultimately, the goal is the same for either scenario: go for an elevated route when it comes to loungewear, meaning basic essentials that are still easy to wear and play with but have a bit of polish or edge.

At home, the best way to self-care your wardrobe is to indulge in full-on comfort. Don’t be shy! Cocoon your body in all things soft and comfy. In other words, be one with your sweatshirts. ba&sh’s Daris hoodie sweatshirt is tender-to-the-touch cotton but cool with a cinched waist while the Daren hoodie boasts an oversized collar for a regal addition. And the best part about these pieces is that you can wear them in your own home–or out–and still be completely cozy and chic. In other words, not your little brother’s hoodie or sweatshirt.

And in the self-care world of clothes, a T-shirt isn’t just a T-shirt. Toss those ratty tees and opt for something more polished yet still pared-back. On the classic front, try the Felis shirt that boasts a ringer collar for a retro moment. Another piece to note is the Damon top, a T-shirt with a slightly ruffled neckline for a hint of exquisite. Of course, the Vibes tee will, well, bring out the best vibes in your outfit and your life. The T-shirt has a slightly oversized fit with a boyish edge for an insouciant flair. In the tank-verse, find something that has a devil-may-care energy that looks as good inside as it does on the go. The Figue sleeveless top will look just as good with your boyfriend’s shorts on the couch as it would with a pair of slick jeans en route to meet friends.

So if you’re going out? Apply the same philosophy as your at-home self-care wardrobe: be both swaddled in soft fabrics as well as manicured. To get that same abode feel but for an on-the-town attitude, try a knit jacket, like the Siago, that evokes the easiness of the robe with its textured cotton and catchy print. The Tilly dress is the quintessential house dress and is loose-fitting with a prairie style V-yolk and beautiful embroidery details. And when in doubt? A quarter-zip is the ultimate self-care pullover. Try the Caissa sweater that is crafted from cashmere for a luxurious mood. You’ll feel stellar on the inside and, of course, reflect that on the outside. Trust us, the tools to being your best self are just a hanger away.