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Editor's note

Whether it's for a loved one or as a personal treat, any excuse is good enough to get an e-gift card. It's never been easier to spread a little joy, and in just a few clicks too!

Choose from a selection of 4 designs
Choose a pre-selected amount or enter your chosen amount
Fill in the recipient's details as well as the sender's
Choose the delivery date
Write a little personal note
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You'll receive an email confirming your purchase. The e-gift card will be automatically sent to the recipient on the chosen date. It can be redeemed on our website.

The e-gift card is non-refundable, but products purchased with it can be exchanged as a credit.


  • 1/ How long is the card valid for
    The e-gift card is valid for a period of one year from its date of purchase.
  • 2/ I have lost my gift card, is there a way to find the code?
    If you lose your gift card, contact our customer care team and provide them with the purchase confirmation email sent to the person who gave you the card.
  • 3/ Do I have to spend my gift card all in one go?
    The e-gift card can be used as often as the owner wishes, until the total amount is used up, as long as this is still during the validity period.
  • 4/ Can I use my gift card in stores and online?
    E-gift cards can only be used on the website up to the limit of the amount available to spend.
  • 5/ Will my gift card be re-credited if I return an item?
    Refunds for products purchased with the e-gift card and later returned will be processed by ba&sh and we will credit the amount of the product(s) returned to the balance available on the e-gift card. However, if the e-gift card no longer exists or if the card has expired at the time of the return, the price of the product(s) will be refunded via a credit note. This will be sent by email to the address of the customer who used the e-gift card to make the purchase.
  • 6/ Is my e-gift card nominative?
    This e-gift card does not have the owner's name on it. Its owner is exclusively responsible for its use and safekeeping.
  • 7/ How can I check my balance / see how much I have left to spend on my gift card?
    You can check the balance on the e-gift card page. You can access it here.

  • 8/ Do I have to create an account to use the gift card?
    You don't have to create an account to use the gift card. You can pay for all or part of your purchases using the e-gift card.

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