Our index of professional equality between women and men is 78%. The role of this index is to advance equality between women and men within companies, and it is calculated on the basis of 5 criteria. 

We want to improve this score even further in the years to come. 

For this, we are committed to continue cultivating our values and our policy of professional equality with our employees at all stages, from their recruitment and throughout their professional life within our company.

Investing in people and the future

In a constantly changing world, ba&sh believes that it is important to offer its employees the keys to understanding the challenges of today and tomorrow. ba&sh is convinced that such an approach is the keystone of a sustainable company and the rise in competence of those who make it up.

In 2019, 3,226 hours of training were taken by ba&sh employees and 127 training actions were conducted in 2020.

Ringing in the changes: our Sustainable Development ambassadors

At ba&sh, we believe that sustainable development requires passion, courage and determination. We are fortunate to have young, multicultural teams who are personally committed to building a more responsible model for ethical fashion. 

More than 30 members of the ba&sh family are divided into 6 working groups. All departments and all levels of seniority are represented. 

It is thanks to them that ba&sh can move forward so quickly in its sustainable transformation.

If you have any ideas to help us go even further even faster, please do not hesitate to contact them !

Sustainability board 

Début 2021, nous avons mis en place un Comité Stratégique Développement Durable (Sustainability Board). Reconnues pour leur expertise, ce comité se compose de Diana Verde Nieto, cofondatrice de Positive Luxury ; Juliette Cody, direc¬trice de l’Unité Opérationnelle Mode & Luxe de Pur Project et Laure Villepelet, directrice ESG de Tikehau. Les missions du « Sustainability Board » de ba&sh :

  • Accompagner ba&sh dans la définition des grandes orientations stratégiques sur les sujets sociaux, environnementaux et sociétaux.
  • Donner librement leurs éclairages & opinions sur les projets en cours
  • Partager les sujets prioritaires du secteur et les grands enjeux qui vont émerger

The causes close to our hearts

Ba&sh's commitment to women

Ba&sh has been committed for years to causes that are particularly close to the heart of our founders Barbara and Sharon. 

The fight against breast cancer is one of them. €220,000 was donated to Ruban Rose for the Pink October campaign in 2017 and 2018. 

In 2019 and 2020, in celebration of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, our founders Barbara & Sharon committed to Women Safe & Children, and Women for Women UK

More than €100,000 was collected in 2019. 

All of the profits from the ENOUGH T-shirt, made in Portugal from organic cotton, were donated to these two associations.

Women Safe & Children Institut is an association that welcomes and treats women and children who are victims or witnesses of violence. 

Ruban Rose is an association involved in the fight against breast cancer. It is at the origin of the Pink October campaign which takes place in October every year to inform, engage and motivate. 

Support for hospital staff during the Covid-19 epidemic

During full-lockdown, the "Hope" T-shirt displayed an "I will hug you later" message of thanks, designed by Mathilde.

Ba&sh is committed to hospital staff. The Hope T-shirt was sold on our site for €35, and the entire profits were donated to the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris - Hôpitaux de France (APHP). This represented the sum of 45,000 Euros. 

Also, 25% of the net return revenue of the France website over a given period was donated to APHP, or 102,000 Euros. In total, nearly €150,000 was therefore donated to the APHP, in recognition of their heroism during this unprecedented crisis. 

Blazers for trailblazers

ba&sh is committed to female entrepreneurship and presents an ambitious program to honor promising women entrepreneurs.

The premium brand ba&sh honors its heritage, founded by two women, Sharon & Barbara "We are committed to and demonstrate our support for international women entrepreneurs", by elevating the centerpiece of the professional wardrobe – the blazer – in a funding program for female founders.

Based on the observation that only 3% of institutional investments are dedicated to female-founded companies, ba&sh initiated Blazers for Trailblazers. This program aims to honor women entrepreneurs by renaming blazers designed by the brand after them and by donating the profits from sales to support their company or project.

For this first edition, the brand has named four of its blazers after four aspiring entrepreneurs. ba&sh has decided to reveal these four talented female entrepreneurs in stores and on its website, where its community can discover their different journeys and projects:

Emna Everard, 28

Founder of Kazidomi, a French e-commerce oasis for a healthy lifestyle, organic products, and sustainable health

Chloé Hermary, 27

Founder of Ada Tech School, the first computer school designed for women, but open to all, to learn to create with code in an open and caring environment.

Candace Reels, 32

Founder of Female Collective in the United States, a community platform designed to empower, uplift and celebrate women through daily affirmations, community events, social engagement, and by providing a safe, inclusive platform to navigate the practice of self love.

Yemeng Li, 30

Founder of Yuxuan Cultural Creative, a company that promotes environmental sustainability through art. She works with well-known commercial brands, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations to raise awareness of sustainability issues and the role of art in this domain.

ba&sh is a brand made by women, for women, so cultivating the empowerment of women’s roles in society and seeking the advancement of it has always been essential. This is why the brand will renew this initiative each season, in order to continue promoting female entrepreneurship. 

Ba&sh good deeds

Every month, the ba&sh family, in our Paris headquarters and elsewhere, rallies around an association that supports women and children who are victims of any kind of violence or who are in precarious situations. 

The employees have collected clothing for the benefit of the association, FIT Une femme un toît, an accommodation and social reintegration centre, which houses 60 young women aged 18 to 25. 

They have also got together to collect food, hygiene and baby products. 

Every month we go to meet the association that we support. These special moments are particularly important to us, and make ba&sh's commitment tangible in the daily lives of employees. 

And also…

Ba&sh participated in the second "Virtual car boot sale" alongside various brands in the United Kingdom to support the Women for Women international association. 

For this exclusively digital event, which took place in November 2020 on the Givergy platform, ba&sh offered iconic garments to the association. All proceeds were donated to Women for Women.


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