ba&sh is officially

B Corp™ certified!

ba&sh is pleased to announce its B Corp™ certification and its commitment to future generations by giving them a voice. And who better than children to represent the optimistic action that drives us?

First and foremost, we believe in a strong positive mindset and team spirit.

Believing that it's always possible to do better, and celebrating all the steps, big and small, that are taking us in the right direction on social and environmental issues.

What is the B Corp™ certification?

This certification measures a company's global impact. It means that ba&sh meets high social and environmental standards, with transparency and accountability at the heart of its commitment.

As of June 2024, we have been awarded our certification with 98 points. An exceptional score that we are incredibly proud of.

We know there's more to come, and we're committed to continuous improvement.

A few words from Barbara and Sharon

"When we created ba&sh in 2003, our children were still young.

Our brand has grown, our teams have grown and we have always kept it in our hearts to create clothes with a positive attitude and the desire to do better. Seeing ba&sh officially certified as a B Corp™ fulfils the promise we made to ourselves.

Congratulations to all the ba&sh teams, we did it!

Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, co-founders of ba&sh