Designed together,
worn together

In January, we invited our community to take a vote on the designs and colours for our SS22 occasion dresses capsule. In addition to working together on the design of your dream dresses, this collaborative process allowed us to better estimate the quantities to produce for each design and  allowed us to create a more environmentally friendly capsule collection.

To continue this spirit of collaboration and collective creativity, we gave three different photographers: Henrik Purienne, Felix Cooper and Claudia Knoepfel, complete creative freedom to capture the essence of this original collection from their own perspectives. 

Discover the collection through
the lens of 3 different photographers.

Each photographer has given their unique twist to the collection through the way in which they have captured it.
Henrik Purienne, photographed it under the Los Angeles sun, Claudia Knoepfel, captured a candid glimpse into the
studio & Felix Cooper, photographed it with an ultra-dynamic aesthetic.

Claudia Knoepfel

Claudia Knoepfel is a regular at Vogue France and is a swiss photographer and former assistant to Hans Feurer. Her photographs are inspired by fashion and culture. ba&sh was curious to see how Claudia would interpret our capsule collection with her prophetic ability to convey the 'essence' of fashion trends. 

Felix Cooper

Felix Cooper is a London-based photographer and filmmaker. His focus is on snapshots and movement while keeping the light natural. At ba&sh, we were intrigued by the way Felix uses these combinations of movements to "play" with the dresses and accessories.

Henrik Purienne

Born in South Africa and based in Los Angeles, Henrik Purienne is a photographer and filmmaker known for his passion for vintage aesthetics. He is inspired by the ultimate power of women, and women are the theme of all of his photographs.

Creative Lab Collection

An overview of our six dresses that were co-created with the ba&sh community

Immersion in the Creative Lab 3D universe

A splash of color
A blow of fabrics
An hypnotic print

Discover the new collection in 3D