Your best friend's getting married: here's what to wear so you're the 2nd best dressed person in the room... and some chic ideas for the bride as well.

What to wear
to the engagement party

Because you'll be there for her even before the official wedding weekend begins.
Structured yet playful mini dresses for her, elegant dresses to stand by her side for you.

What to wear
the day of

Because you want to savor the moments together on the most important day of her life.
Chic yet relaxed dresses in festive prints.

What to wear
to the after party

Because it's a night you both will never forget.
A relaxed, easy-to-dance-in dress for her, a shimmery maxi or silky separates for you as official MOH.

What to wear
the day after

Because you're both exhausted from dancing till sunrise, but there's still an official photographer...
A delicate, breathable dress for her; a vibrant bohemian maxi for you.

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