In 2021, power blazers season 1

Our Blazers for Trailblazers programme was born in 2021 from the observation that the only 3% of investments are dedicated to companies founded by women. We honoured 4 female entrepreneurs and raised funds to help them with their ventures, thanks to the blazers that were renamed after them. 

Emma Everard, 28, founder of Kazidomi. 
Chloé Hermary, 27, founder of Ada Tech School. 
Yemeng Li, 30, Founder of Yuxuan Cultural Creative
Candace Reels, 32, Founder of femalecollective.

In 2022, Power Blazers Season 2

We are now, more than ever, driven by the desire to make women shine, this year we have called on 4 international female entrepreneurs in a video call for applications.  This August, we will rename 4 blazers in honour of 4 female entrepreneurs who inspire us. And all profits from the sales of the blazers will go to them. 

In France, Elise Goldfarb and Julia Layani are associated with this operation. These two women have always asserted their female perspective and feminist point of view, notably through the creation of the media Fraîches for Melty or their exclusive podcasts on Spotify.

In the UK, we called on Victoria Prew, co-founder and CEO of HURR, the fashion marketplace that breaks the fashion industry's barriers to circular fashion. 

In the US, Alli Webb, author and serial entrepreneur, she is the co-founder of hair care brand Drybar. 

Finally, in China, the task has been entrusted to Doris Ke, founder and CEO of Digipont, a digital platform with expertise in the Chinese market aimed at marketing leaders - with a focus on women. 

Our exceptional mentors

You too can try your luck!

If you are a woman, if you have launched an innovative project that is more than one year old and has the potential to change the world, now is the time to apply!

Register, 26th of June

To participate, send us your elevator pitch video: a presentation of your project in 30 seconds max. You have until midnight on the 26th of June to participate in the next edition of "power blazers". How to apply? E-mail us at: or with the #bashpowerblazers on instagram.


We have called on 4 mentors from all over the world to study your projects with us. Together, we will select the next 4 entrepreneurs who will be given a blazer to honour their project. All profits from the sale of this blazer will be donated to the entrepreneur to promote her project.  


The four selected entrepreneurs will have the honour of having a blazer bearing their name in the ba&sh collection. Available online and in stores, these four unique pieces will carry a special "POWER BLAZERS" label, detailing each of the projects they will support. All profits from their sale will be donated to them.

You have until the 26th of June to register!