ba&sh continues to support female entrepreneurship with its Power Blazer 2023 initiative.

With only 2%* of funds in 2022 going to companies founded by women, ba&sh is maintaining its commitment to the Power Blazer programme, an international initiative in support of female emancipation. Founded by two women, the brand is proud of its commitment to sisterhood in every corner of the globe.

For its third "Power Blazer" edition, ba&sh is funding projects led by 4 female entrepreneurs with very diverse profiles and projects that have a strong impact in very different fields.
Discover the winners.

*BCG for Sista


Having completed her studies at ESSEC, Julia started her career as a strategy consultant. Inspired by innovation in business, she held a succession of different roles before becoming director of strategy at FreeNow. She co-founded teale in 2021 after a year spent on research and development with her three partners Nicolas, Geoffroy and Gilles. teale is the first one-stop mental health platform aimed at employees. Last year, Julia also joined the board of France Digitale.

Delphine GROLL

After a high-level skiing career, Delphine continued her career in sports working with the French government at the Elysée. She co-founded the healthtech company Nabla in 2019. Its Nabla Copilot is an AI-based technology designed to automate administrative tasks, particularly the production of medical reports. As a result, Nabla Copilot halves the amount of time healthcare professionals spend on non-medical tasks, allowing them to focus fully on their patients during appointments.


After founding several companies and investing in others, this successful entrepreneur set up the Digital Bildung für Alle association, aimed at helping to integrate young people in difficulty through digital education in a German system where younger pupils are directed towards short-term or long-term study at a very early stage. At the same time, Verena co-runs the Berlin women’s football club FC Viktoria. Verena’s work has received global recognition, winning accolades such as the ‘Young Global Leader’ award from the World Economic Forum.


After trying to navigate a failing criminal justice system following her own experience of sexual assault, Amanda created the organization Rise in 2014. Observing a loophole in legal protections for survivors, civil rights activist Amanda decided to rewrite the law: drafting the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights Act, which passed unanimously. Founder of the Stop Asian Hate movement, Amanda has worked for the White House and NASA and is currently applying to become an astronaut. Rise has helped get 80 laws passed unanimously, helping over 101 million people.

The brand was founded by two women, and has taken its commitment to sisterhood to the four corners of the globe.

The POWER BLAZER blazer is a piece inspired by menswear, reworked to enhance women and their silhouettes.

By buying this blazer, you are supporting the projects of the 4 Power Blazer 2023 winners who are working for :

- Mental health with teale, the French start-up founded by Julia Néel Biz, which uses digital technology to help employees improve their mental health.

- Healthtech with Nabla, the French start-up founded by Delphine Groll that improves the quality of the relationship between doctors and their patients.

- Education with Digital Bildung für Alle, the German association founded by Verena Pausder that uses technology to make digital education accessible to young people.

- Social justice with Rise, the American social movement founded by Amanda Nguyen that fights and supports women who are victims of sexual assault.

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