Women are FUNdamental

Women are FUNdamental - Edition 2

ba&sh invites you to India to discover the ancestral know-how of the Khanta handmade embroidery made by women, in the Delhi region.
The Women are FUNdamental capsule unveils exclusive pieces with ultra-colorful vibrations.

India has always inspired ba&sh. Its colors, landscapes and lights are the inspiration for many collections.
The second edition of the Women are FUNdamental capsule collection celebrates the women and textile skills of the land of a thousand colors. 


A celebration of women's crafts in India

Curved jackets, long flowing dresses, shorts, and sleeveless quilted cardigans highlight Khanta quilting - an ancestral embroidery technique - handmade by Indian embroiderers. Handed down from generation to generation by women, this know-how is a cultural treasure as much as a means of emancipation and financial independence for embroiderers in rural areas. On the T-shirt, the hand-embroidered inscription "Women are FUNdamental" is a mantra addressed to all women around the world, as much as a tribute to Indian craftsmanship.

For this limited-edition capsule collection, the "Mandala" print was developed exclusively for the brand. Jade, green, purple and fuchsia merge their energy in this meticulous pattern, inspired by block printing, a traditional Rajasthani craft.

Made from organically grown cotton, the capsule pieces express joyful, colorful vibrations.

Discover the expertise of Khanta embroidery

A commitment to the Shanti Sahyog charity

ba&sh is committed to the Indian association Shanti Sahyog. Through its philanthropic Fund and Action programme, ba&sh encourages socio-economic opportunities for women and takes action against violence against women and children in France and around the world.

This year, ba&sh will be making a donation to the Shanti Sahyog association based in New Delhi. Inspired by Gandhi's non-violent vision, this NGO was founded by former philosophy professor Suman Khanna Aggarwal in 2004.

Shanti Sahyog's missions are devoted to the education of children and young people who have dropped out of school, health care, and in particular care for the elderly, as well as skills development and empowerment for women who have suffered physical or psychological violence.