This is BA&SH: a brand founded by two women, for women

Dressing them and celebrating them

In its clothing as in its commitment, ba&sh puts the empowerment of all women at the heart of its mission. Our ambition is to do everything we can to build a more tolerant, inclusive society together, one that is more open to the world. 

A female legacy 

From the beginnings of our two founders, Barbara & Sharon (the "Ba" and the "Sh" of ba&sh), to our most recent and ambitious development projects, we are committed every day to demonstrating our support for all women. 

0 % women in the company
0 % women in the executive committee
0 % of managerial employees are women

Supporting our employees

Because equality is built on a daily basis, and every action counts, we are committed, within our brand, to continuing to cultivate our values and our policy of professional equality with our employees. From their recruitment and throughout their professional lives. 

Barbara & Sharon

ba&sh for all and all for ba&sh: equality, together

Diversity & Inclusion

Comparing life paths, sharing experiences, getting out of one's bubble and learning from others: at ba&sh we know how valuable diversity is, and we are committed to cultivating it. Gender, age, nationality, culture, religious beliefs, sexual orientation... Because they enrich the exchanges and the working environment, because they favour the development of the individual as well as that of the group, these differences find their place with us. In addition to recruiting talent from all walks of life, in April 2021 we created a Diversity & Inclusion Committee supported by the SOS group, a leader in social entrepreneurship in Europe. This committee, which is made up of ba&sh employees, is involved in organising a number of internal awareness-raising actions, with a plan of attack for 2025.

Key partner: ba&sh x UNESCO

Who better than UNESCO to support us in our commitment to diversity? Today, this partnership takes the form of seminars delivered by renowned experts, with a clear objective: to make our employees aware of and responsible for intercultural diversity, and to establish the everyday actions that enable the creation of an inclusive work environment. 

Equal opportunities and disability

Diversity is an opportunity, in all its forms. At ba&sh, we have been sensitive to the subject of disability for many years and we do everything possible to welcome our disabled employees in the best possible conditions. 

Our commitments for 2022

To identify the talents of tomorrow thanks to the Duodays, days of observation and discovery of the professional environment specially designed for young trainees with disabilities. Here's how:

- Our website is accessible to the visually impaired, hearing impaired, cognitive impaired and epileptic, in all our markets. To open up the ba&sh experience to as many people as possible.

- Our employees are also committed to the "Every step counts for Handicap International" challenge. A whole week of mobilisation during which our employees ran and walked, with each step making it possible to finance important projects for the association.

ba&sh rolls up its sleeves for great female charities

220,000 euros raised for Ruban Rose

The founders of ba&sh have always been driven by a sense of commitment and have infused this into the brand since the beginning of their joint professional adventure, so much so that the fight against breast cancer has always been one of the brand's priorities. In 2017 and 2018, 220,000 euros were donated to Ruban Rose as part of the Pink October awareness campaign. 

100,000 euros were donated to Women Safe & Children and Women for Women UK

In 2019 and 2020, Barbara and Sharon chose to commit to Women Safe & Children and Women for Women UK, raising over €100,000 on International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. All the profits from the ENOUGH t-shirt, made in Portugal from organic cotton, were donated to these two associations. 

0 Raised for Ruban Rose, in 2017 and 2018
0 Raised for Women Safe & Children in 2019

Blazers for Trailblazers: a blazer to fund women's projects

The question

How much of the funding for start-ups do you think goes to companies founded by women? 50%? That's quite optimistic! 25%? Try a lower figure...

The answer?

Only 3%.

ba&sh's commitment to female start-ups

As entrepreneurs themselves, determined to make a difference, and convinced that there is strength in numbers, our founders Barbara and Sharon envisioned in 2021 the international initiative "Blazers for Trailblazers". The concept: dedicate the profits from the sale of ba&sh blazers to entrepreneurial projects led by women, and thus allow our customers to encourage women's initiatives through their purchase. To discover the entrepreneurs selected for the 2022 edition, see you in August! We've got the power!

Training the female tech talent of tomorrow!

ba&sh, the women's ready-to-wear brand founded by Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, reaffirms its commitment to female entrepreneurship and breaks the mould by partnering with the first feminist programming school @Ada Tech School. Thanks to the profits generated by the success of the Blazers for Trailblazers operation, ba&sh and Ada Tech School are sponsoring 9 "Women in Tech" scholarships to support the education of young women who will become future developers. The beneficiaries will be trained in computer programming in order to boost their skills in a predominantly male dominated job sector.

"At ba&sh, we have always been committed to empowering women and promoting equal opportunities. Because work is a powerful source of emancipation, we strongly support female entrepreneurship and we would like to give a opportunity to those who want to join the Ada Tech School."

Pierre-Arnaud Grenade, Managing Director of ba&sh.

Institut Rafaël x ba&sh

At ba&sh, we believe that clothing has the power to give women the confidence to face all of life's challenges. Ba&sh is launching a makeover workshop in partnership with the Rafael Institute, Europe’s first centre for integrative medicine, to support 11 women who are battling with cancer. These 11 women were given a stylist at the institute and together they were able to find their favourite look from a selection of pieces adapted to their style and tastes. Each woman was able to take their favourite ba&sh pieces away with them. The is the start of a partnership that we hope will last for a long time.


Frequently asked questions

To limit the environmental impact of our products, we use certified materials: recycled fibres, organic materials, ethically sourced materials, ecological alternatives to conventional viscose, etc.  

We carefully select the most demanding international standards.  

We have defined a framework to monitor and improve social performance in our supply chain.  

Each partner must commit to our supplier code of conduct and comply with a number of ethical principles. 

We conduct social audits of our entire supplier base. If non-conformities are identified, we support our suppliers in implementing corrective action plans to contribute as much as possible to the rapid and sustainable transformation of our industry.  

Since August 2021, ba&sh is also a member of BSCI, a social compliance initiative. This tool provides a framework for monitoring and improving social performance in our supply chain: supplier mapping, early detection of problems, auditing, corrective actions and training. The aim is to protect workers' rights and improve their working conditions. 

In shop, our bags are made of FSC-certified paper and are made from 80% recycled fibres. They are 100% recyclable.  

For e-commerce packaging, our packaging is made of 100% recycled cardboard, 100% recyclable and originally from sustainably managed forests (FSC). Since the beginning of 2021, we also offer REPACK, a reusable packaging solution. This packaging reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80% compared to 100% recycled and 100% recyclable packaging. 

To protect ba&sh parts during transport and in the warehouse, we use plastic bags. By 2020, our polybags are 60% recycled and 100% recyclable.  By 2022, our polybags will be 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. We are aware that this is only the first step, and we are working to minimise our use of polybags and maximise their reuse in a closed loop.