ba&sh has inhaled, exhaled, and envisioned a surprise in the form of a second capsule yoga collection, in collaboration with the young Ana Heart brand. It's a unique, feminine and contemporary way of showing that the spirit of ba&sh is about more than just fashion: it's a lifestyle.

The mantra: no rules, except those you make for yourself.

collection yoga.
Moti tee-shirt.

This is yoga, but with a unique ba&sh twist of delightful audacity. The signature on the flagship T-shirt sums it up perfectly:

A dedicated sports collection, for girls who love to feel beautiful and feel good.

A collection for creative women: these pieces can be worn indoors as well as outdoors.

Romy jumpsuit.
Kloe legging.
Katy bra.

A feminine, figure-flattering collection that ensures tremendous freedom of movement.

Whether you're bundled up or out and about in urban mode, your body and mind will adore these soft fabrics.

Mell sweater.