Oui to friendship, oui to love, oui to life! Because life is a celebration and should be welcomed with one big yes! Ba&sh launches a collection dedicated to the great moments of life.

The day before

For this festive line, ba&sh kept all of these moments (and the days before!) in mind. As the big day approaches and emotions build, turn to the comfort of a timeless piece – boyfriend shorts, a denim shirt, a loose tee . Pieces you can count on to make the most of the moment.
Here and there, a few more sophisticated creations – ultra-sexy lingerie, a nonchalant décolleté, a mini dress – act as reminders of the fun ahead… Get ready!


It’s time to pull out all the stops and show off your style! For all of these lovely occasions, ba&sh has crafted the ultimate party pieces. Satiny fabrics, allover glitter, plunging necklines and delicate embroidery create an unforgettable silhouette, adapted to every look. Flowing materials so that you can move, dance and live it up all day long!

The day after

For these downtime moments, ba&sh offers a selection of pieces with flowing, casual cuts. Prints get softer and clothing takes up romantic embroidery. Time slows down as you share stories from the day before…
The perfect opportunity to welcome new sensations – a ray of sunlight, a breeze on your skin – which will also become lasting memories!