ba&sh presents "The Wild Weekend: Start With Dessert"

They met when they were kids.
They used to say they were best friends – but they were more like sisters.
Birthdays, brunches, break-ups... They’d been through it all.
So, why do they never see each other anymore?
Work, studies, responsibilities... How did it all happen so fast?
Couldn’t they be together again? Just once, like old times?

After all, they live in the same city.
They could meet in a restaurant. But those are always overcrowded... Or what about a bar? But they wouldn’t really be alone.
There is one possibility.
They could get away.

They could get out of the city. Go where they could breathe a little. Or maybe yell as loud as they like.
They could get away for a weekend and reconnect with nature.
And with each other.
Maybe they could go for... a wild weekend !