Resell your ba&sh items

We are proud of our collections that resist the test of time however we understand that tastes and needs can change. In our commitment towards a more circular fashion economy we have collaborated with Reflaunt to present Resell, allowing you to give your preloved ba&sh clothing a second lease of life. As a customer you are now able to resell your past purchases in just a few simple steps. Reflaunt has developped a technology that allows you to re-sell your past purchases in a few clicks from your ba&sh account, on a network of second-hand platforms.

Please note that this service is currently only available for customers who have purchased items from 

Sell your preloved items in just a couple of clicks

Reflaunt has the world's largest community of second-hand buyers, with 50 million shoppers across a network of 25 international marketplaces.

1. Choose the item you wish to resell

Go to your account and you will find a tab called "my wardrobe", here you will find all of your past purchases, click the Resell button next to the item you would like to sell. Reflaunt boasts the largest second-hand community in the world, with 50 million shoppers across a network of 25 international marketplaces.

2. Create your listing

There is no product description to fill in, we collect the product information from our database. In just a couple of clicks your item will be ready to sell and will be automatically be shared with the network of marketplaces via Reflaunt.

3. Ship your item for free

Once your item has been sold we will send you a prepaid shipping label, all you need to do is prepare your item and send the package.

4. Receive your payment

Once your item has been received you’ll receive your payment. Choose between being paid by bank transfer or by a ba&sh gift certificate. 

20% extra

If you choose payment in the form of a ba&sh giftcard you’ll get an extra 20% to spend on our online boutique. 

Why not have a look at your past purchases to make a little room in your wardrobe?

Why Resell?

Become part of the circular fashion economy

For fashion to become more sustainable let’s give a second life to preloved items that we no longer use.

Give your preloved items a new home

Maybe you bought a dress for a special occasion or you need to make space in your wardrobe, your once well-worn and loved pieces will find a new life with another ba&sh lover!

It’s an easy process!

Sell your items in just a few clicks, its quick and easy! The product description is generated automatically. We’ll take care of the rest.

Treat yourself to something from the new ba&sh collection!

When you choose to be paid with a ba&sh voucher you’ll get an extra 20% to treat yourself to something new from 

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Our best-selling pieces with the highest resale value. 

The little extra…

All ba&sh items sold via Resell will be given a digital certificate of authenticity issued with Arianee protocol, backed by Blockchain.

It offers a new communication channel between its owner and ba&sh as well as access to innovative services.

More about the circular economy at ba&sh

Every little helps, so we are making steps towards doing our bit to help make fashion more circular. The circular economy is the combination of strategies that aims to extend the lifespan of products, and to reuse them in an ethical way after their first life. We are thus working on maintenance, repair, reuse (clothing rental, second-hand clothing) and clothing recycling.