The Women are Fundamental capsule collection takes a fun stance on our engagement to women. Each piece in the capsule has been co-created with a different member of the ba&sh crew. The profits from the sale of these pieces will be entirely donated to the Women Safe & Children association.

The ba&sh crew

Agathe Wautier

Agathe Wautier

CEO of the Think Tank: The Galion Project

After an experience within the company Orange, Agathe co-founded the collective of tech entrepreneurs: The Galion Project.
The concept? To bring together the founders of start-ups so that they can share, help each other and pass on to the next generation.
Its ambition: to make France and Europe the most attractive ecosystem in the world for entrepreneurs.
Today, the Think Tank has more than 450 entrepreneurs, it organises numerous events each year and regularly publishes operational tools to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.
In March 2022, Galion took a new structural step by launching its seed investment fund, Galion.exe, to finance a dozen young companies each year.

Agathe Wautier CEO of the Think Tank: The Galion Project
Elodie Garamond

Elodie Garamond

Founder of Le Tigre Yoga

Founder of the Tigre Yoga Club and passionate author, Elodie has dedicated the last ten years to sharing the art of living yoga with many communities: in the Tigre, festivals, retreats, but also for NGOs or associations. Despite the setbacks of the closures linked to the Covid pandemic, the energy of Le Tigre lives on through, a complete digital service that has become THE reference platform for on-demand video courses in yoga and other practices. The catalogue is enriched by the podcast "Les Conversations du Tigre" that Elodie hosts every week with passion.

Elodie Garamond Founder of Le Tigre Yoga
Emna Everard

Emna Everard

Co-founder of Kazidomi

Emna Everard is the co-founder and CEO of Kazidomi, an e-commerce company for healthy and sustainable products that delivers all over Europe. After training as a management engineer, she went straight into entrepreneurship in 2016. She was honoured as "Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2019 and now has a team of 70 people. In 2022, she bought the French e-commerce company Bébé au Naturel.

Emna Everard Co-founder of Kazidomi
Emma Sawko

Emma Sawko

Co-founder of Wild & the Moon

Emma Sawko Co-founder of Wild & the Moon
Clémentine Galey

Clémentine Galey

Founder of Bliss Stories

Clémentine Galey, the founder of Bliss, launched the Bliss Stories podcast, which has accumulated over 40 million listens since 2018. Bliss then expanded into Bliss-Bump, and the Bliss Vanity, an audio programme and products dedicated to accompanying and supporting women in their maternity journey.

Today, Clémentine continues to expand her field of expertise by taking to the stage with a show inspired by her podcast, in front of sold-out venues (Trianon, Olympia, Grand Rex & tour in France, Belgium...) to share the stories and struggles of thousands of women.

Clémentine Galey Founder of Bliss Stories
Amandine Albisson

Amandine Albisson

Prima ballerina

Amandine Albisson was born in Marseille and started dancing in her mother's dance school. Amandine joined the Paris Opera dance school at the age of 10 and attended all her classes before becoming a pro at the age of 17 by joining the Paris Opera corps de ballet. On the 5th of March 2014 she became a prima ballerina. She has performed the title roles in all the great classical ballets such as Swan Lake or La Bayadère as well as in more contemporary pieces such as the mythical Bolero. Amandine also performs on international stages including Japan.

Amandine Albisson Prima ballerina
Cathy Closier

Cathy Closier

Founder of Season

Cathy Closier opened her first café near the Sorbonne Universtity at the age of 26. In 2004, she set up Café Crème in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. Thanks to the success of the restaurant in its first few months, Cathy decided to set up her HQ in the flourishing Haut Marais district, and to open several shops. To begin with, she bought the restaurant Chez Guillaume, which she transformed into Café Rouge. It was a great success. She then decided, after several years, to sell it to turn to a new project, the Café de la Poste, rue de Turenne, while letting a large-scale project mature in a corner of her mind, which would later become Season. Season was born in July 2015. Due to its success, this allowed her to expand her business. Numerous collaborations followed and the opening of a restaurant in NYC and two new establishments planned soon for Paris.

Cathy Closier Founder of Season
Julia Daka

Julia Daka

Architect, designer, model and curator

Julia Daka, a creative spirit from the Indian Ocean (Mayotte and Reunion). Architect, designer, art director, model and curator. Founder of the association and

Julia Daka Architect, designer, model and curator
Mélody Madar

Mélody Madar

Co-founder of Les Éclaireuses media

Mélody Madar is a woman with a thousand and one hats.
She is the co-founder of Les Éclaireuses media, which today unites a community of more than 8 million women in France, Mélody has designed a trendy and practical accessory with ba&sh that reflects her personality.
Every day, like many women, she wears many different hats. She is an entrepreneur, a mother of 2 children, a mentor for her women's incubator Propuls'her, and an investor in projects led by women.

Mélody Madar Co-founder of Les Éclaireuses media
Sabrina Van Tassel

Sabrina Van Tassel

Director and journalist

Sabrina Van Tassel Director and journalist
International Women's Day - Exclusive Collection | ba&sh

Women are fundamental:
A community of inspiring women brought together by our founders Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief.

They are unique personalities who wish to have a positive impact on society and who share the values of solidarity and sisterhood.

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