Crush sneakers.

Crush, made exclusively in Portugal with sustainable design, are high-top sneakers that are reminiscent of basketball shoes from the late '80s & early '90s.
Timeless and indispensable sneakers with that little bit of vintage charm. Its design and creation together make Crush the perfect combo of a fashionable sneaker that is both ethical and European.

Birth of an icon

A crush: a heartfelt desire.

The Crush sneakers are an attitude and state of mind, they embody a certain “empowerment” that gives
the wearer determination in their steps.
The French have an expression “bien dans ses baskets” meaning “ comfortable in your shoes”
this essence of comfort has never been more true than with the Crush sneakers, it’s the feel-good ba&sh effect.

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At top speed

The Crush identity? A look with vintage inspiration, reminiscent of the basketball
shoes of the 80s and 90s, with mixing of materials and edgy colours, as well as
worked details, such as the diamond patch, the ba&sh signature.

Conscious is the new chic

Sustainable design, attention to detail, impeccable comfort and timeless style...
In other words, the Crush were created to be loved for a long, long time. Made with complete

The materials come from a Spanish family business that has passed from father to
son and continues to grow and improve its working capacity.
This tannery is Gold Rated.

The sneakers are made in Portugal.

The Crush +

The Crush is made from a calfskin leather lining.

An extra pair of shoelaces with your pair of Crush.

An anatomical insole that hugs the foot to ensure cushioning and comfort. Nineties-inspired details give the shoe a retro touch.

A rubber outsole with herringbone tread pattern for traction and durability. And flexible grooves on the outsole for optimum flexibility.

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