Spring/Summer 18
The Spring-Summer 2018 collection is an invitation to be joyful and spontaneous, with a hint of humour and audacity.
Throughout the season, out ts aunt a casual feel with this new collection that’s all about “coolitude” and “good vibes”
dress kina, sandals carlota (coming soon)
jumpsuit khan
glean jacket, sweatshirt cheri
skirt lauren, baskets costa (coming soon)
jacket fedor, trousers farah,
sandals carlota (coming soon)
suits me.
dress clare (coming soon),
jumpsuit hollywood (coming soon),
belt cassie (coming soon), sandals cidonie (coming soon)
coat arrow (coming soon), top seventies (coming soon),
pantalon csoul,sandals carlota (coming soon)
dress maddy (coming soon), sandals carlota (coming soon)
pullover loria, skirt surya,
baskets costa (coming soon)
dress weave, sandals carlota (coming soon)
pullover laia, trousers tingle (coming soon),
baskets costa (coming soon)
on the move.
dress slad (coming soon)
top masha (coming soon), short robin (coming soon)
ceinture camus (coming soon)
top effeil (coming soon), trousers este (coming soon),
sandals carlota (coming soon)
dress america (coming soon)
top swang (coming soon), bermuda csafari (coming soon),
belt cassie (coming soon)
dress heren (coming soon)
dress tale, sandals carlota (coming soon)
sexy smart.
jumpsuit solo (coming soon)
jacket carina, top blind, trousers concert,
baskets costa (coming soon)
top dyork (coming soon), skirt pandora (coming soon)
shirt rose, jumpsuit dorotea,
bag solen (coming soon), shoes chiara (coming soon)
dress mela (coming soon), sandals cidonie (coming soon)