Spring 2019, ba&sh presents its new muse: Claudia Schiffer. A true embodiment of the brand and of this season’s spirit: Claudia is an icon in the purest sense of the word. She epitomizes the femininity of the 90’s.
Discover now
was born from Barbara and Sharon’s friendship.
Spring 19, it strikes again.
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The 90’s:
a decade
that cultivates
Inspired by the decadent, empowering supermodel era of the 90’s, Barbara & Sharon have embraced its comeback and marked this new collection with key characteristics from the decade: laminated belted jackets, vintage t-shirts and denim jackets reinvented for today and designed to form the ideal wardrobe.
Timeless desire:
"the ba&sh icon"
Icon (noun): A beautifully classic French concept of timelessness in the global modern world; a tribute to the origins of the brand’s founders Barbara and Sharon.
Claudia is an icon who has lived through the years:
we love her timelessness. This is what has guided us for the past 15 years
in our creation of ba&sh’s ideal wardrobe. This collaboration is
evidence that Claudia is ba&sh.
Barbara & Sharon
Barbara, Sharon
and Claudia...
This could be the title of a Woody Allen film. Spontaneous, full of light, feeling and authenticity, shot in the streets of Manhattan or Paris. An encounter as enlightening as it is natural. With a love for fashion and photography, our co-founders (and best friends) Barbara and Sharon fell for Claudia immediately, believing her to be the ultimate person to represent the brand.
And then Claudia Schiffer came into our lives.
Her beauty, her charisma, her unique trajectory throughout
the years convinced us. We wanted a modern woman, who is
beautiful, generous, somebody who would tell our story.
Radiant, sophisticated and free.
Claudia Schiffer embodies
A timeless state of mind: let's explore the authentic, emotional story behind the making of a true icon.
Desire for authenticity

Claudia Schiffer told us that she has never forgotten the advice she received from Karl Lagerfeld at the beginning of her career, which was just to be herself. Claudia has always stayed true to herself and followed her instinct; this same instinct led her to collaborate with ba&sh. Already a customer, she has been wearing our pieces for years and genuinely loves the brand.

Claudia. Muse of the muses.

A name that brings to life all the fantasies of the 90s, with femininity galore.
Vivacious and magnetic: she is ba&sh!

Intuitive and effortless

Claudia has transcended the decades with an always cool, compelling attitude. She embodies a natural irresistibility, in a quintessentially Parisian way – the ba&sh way!

Claudia is a true icon:

the ultimate celebration all women who serve as daily inspirations, who do it all; with a radiant energy and a magnetic smile, she touches everyone whose path she crosses!

Claudia is an entrepreneur, mother and star: she does it all. She illustrates bash’s unique vision of collections for spontaneous, chic women, who dare to be exactly what they want to be.
Designed by the same kind of women, they are radiant and beautiful, happy to be alive.