Allure Parisienne.

This fall, the ba&sh woman is traveling from Paris to London and we'd recognize her anywhere!   
She embodies the style of a true Parisian no matter where she is: belting her trench coat effortlessly, exploring new streets without a care in the world... a girl to watch, without a question

24h with
Claire Laffut.

ba&sh spotted Claire Laffut, the newest up and coming French musical revelation. We fell in love with this fresh, free-spirited, creative Parisian girl who embodies the ba&sh spirit like no one else. In collaboration with Jack, the coolest musical channel in France, we followed Claire for a day around Paris! A glampse at her style, her life and her favourite ba&sh looks. A new take on the Parisian Allure, très ba&sh!

Camille Charrière interview

It’s that most Parisian of Londoners, Camille Charrière, welcome!
Part of the closed circle of fashion’s super-influencers, she strikes a pose. With pieces she has picked out herself at ba&sh, she embodies her own take on the Parisian girl. The girl who turns heads and knows better than anyone how to create looks which are simple, natural, chic, cool…well, everything really!
ba&sh loves this girl. She’s free-spirited, stylish and laid-back all at once. In other words, a true Parisian.

& Parisian.

She loves monochrome but with a twist; she gravitates towards soft, cool shades and complementary yet contrasting fabrics... a light, printed dress with chunky leather boots and an oversized denim jacket.

She’s always in a hurry but always smiling. 


And, she is always free. For her, there are no rules to follow except to create her own style. She dares to blend fabrics like mohair and cotton gabardine. She creates a new urban chic. 

Her CLEDER trench coat is her ultimate French touch: timeless, mysterious, simply chic. Worn with trousers or a dress, it's every Parisian girl's charming trump card... we like to say, the trench coat makes the magic happen!