In an uncertain world, it takes courage to be optimistic.​

It takes strength not to feel powerless regarding the stakes we are facing. ​

Our Manifesto

ba&sh is above all a resolutely positive state of mind, and a collective movement.​

A conviction that it is always possible to do better, ​

That it is possible to collectively meet the challenges of our planet, by setting ambitious goals.​

An energy that drives us to transform ourselves on social and environmental issues,​

Bringing alongside us our partners and our sector. ​

A joy of living, which turns each progress into a reason to celebrate.​

Whether it is significantly increasing the circularity of our garments, giving them many lives, ​

Reducing our carbon footprint, helping to preserve ecosystems and water,​

Rethinking the culture of the lands which give birth to our materials, ​

Understanding and acting on our manufacturing chains to make them more virtuous, ​

Choosing materials that are less impactful for humans, nature and animals, ​

Supporting women in different areas that are dear to us, such as entrepreneurship, education or health, ​

Transforming ourselves in depth, step by step, until becoming a certified B Corp™ company. ​

We are on the way. ​

We have taken big steps. ​

We believe in the power of actions. ​

The pillars of our commitment



Reducing our carbon footprint, help preserve ecosystems and water resources​

2023 Result:

-15% reduction in carbon emissions generated between 2021 and 2022 across all our activities​

Financing of 3 regenerative agriculture farms for wool​


Relocate 60% of production to near import, reduce air transport by 25% on business travel, 100% of sales outlets powered by clean energy by 2025​

30% regenerative wool in our collections by 2025​


Choose materials that have less impact on humans, nature and animals ​

2024 result:

80% certified materials for Summer 2024 compared with 66% in 2023​


100% certified materials by 2025* ​

*except for alpaca (target 2027)


Understand and act on our manufacturing chains to make them more virtuous​

2023 result​:

60% of references traced through to spinning mills by 2023


100% of references traced to the origin of raw materials by 2025​


Significantly increase the circularity of our garments, enabling them to have several lives​

2023 result:​

20 000 second-hand parts taken back in 2023​


50 000 second-hand parts taken back in 2026

5. B Corp™ & CSR APPROACH​

Transforming in-depth, step by step, until a becoming a certified B Corp™ company.​

2024 result:

Official B Corp™ certification obtained in June 2024, with 98 points​

Ambition: ​

Improve our score to become one of the most advanced companies in its sector in Europe


Support women in areas dear to ba&sh (entrepreneurship, health, education).​

2023 Result:​

Launch of the Fund & Action charity program, which brings together and perpetuates our historic commitment to women (Power Blazer, Women are Fundamental, Women & Children Safe, Octobre rose, Institut Rafael).​


Amplify the impact of our actions & offer to bash teams 2 working days (citizen & volunteer days) for women support as of 2025.

An in-depth and step-by-step transformation to become a B Corp™.

ba&sh obtained B Corp™ certification, with 98 points in June 2024

ba&sh has been a certified B Corp™ company since June 2024.  

This certification measures a company's global impact. It means that ba&sh adheres to high social and environmental standards, placing transparency and accountability at the heart of its commitment.

We obtained our certification with 98 points. An exceptional score that we are extremely proud of! 

We know there's more to come, and we're committed to continuous improvement.

Discover our campaign celebrating our B Corp™ certification and the work of the ba&sh teams. Discover our vision of optimism in action through the voices of children.

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ba&sh and its


As part of its sustainable development program, ba&sh is committed to integrating its stakeholders into its decision-making processes.